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It's not easy to lose weight and let's be honest here: being online too much doesn't help! What are you doing now? Driving to work rather than walking and sitting around all day and then going online staring at a screen in the evening - might there be a clue in there to why you are losing the weight loss battle??

Getting some great ideas about losing weight online might get you kick started though - so welcome to Online Weightloss!

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You do hear a lot of outrageous claims about losing weight. Most of them are simply too good to be true. If you use Facebook or Twitter a lot, you'll see a lot of adverts about 'miracle' discoveries weightloss cures popping up online. The latest diet or dietary supplement claims to have you clearing out the gut and miraculously losing weight, toning up by eating this herbal remedy derived from the latest South American Bean and some graphic photographs of the 'results'(!) of what comes out after taking it and all the rest of it - and people get their purses out. There's a lot of money to be made in weightloss and the products sold online might be just this side of legal, but actually, the promises made of dramatic results are highly debatable.

If you fall for the constant online ads for pills, additives and such from internet scammers you will soon find you have not only NOT lost the weight - you have lost a lot of money committing to 'payment plans' for such as pulverised Peruvian Pea powder that are hard to get out of (because they have your credit card details) buying pills and products that simply DO NOT WORK! Facebook and Twitter etc work as fast as they can to disable the ads - but more keep popping up to tease and tempt unwary dieters into parting with their hard earned cash.

Obviously no online programme is going to help you lose weight without some commitment.

Long term changing of eating habits, and sensible and regular commitment to a better Diet and Regular Exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping it off.

Losing weight healthily is a gradual process, and getting into good habits is never going to be overnight.

online weightlossHere are a few ideas to start you off:

  • If you have a car, park it a little further away from the shops and walk.
  • If you catch a bus, get off a stop early and walk.
  • Get a dog and walk!
  • Take up Tennis or another group sport - that way your socialising reinforces the weightloss!
  • Find a friend who wants to exercise with you or prepare diet meals for each other on alternate nights.
  • Try this fitness expert's tip: keep a balanced diet but eat the same food every week for a while and just reduce the portions until you start losing weight.
  • The ideas you will find here at Online Weightloss can help you shed those kilos/pounds and get yourself down to a healthy weight, and start enjoying life again. Just click on these online weightloss links to find diet, fitness and exercise plans to inspire and help you get started...

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